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Ok tbh, I have no clue why this particular website is in my twitter feed.  (Actually I do, but I really should remove them).  Anywho they put up the following article today:


The link comes from Marooners Rock.  Like I said uber obscure, and I really shouldn't check them out.  Apparently their story has been picked up by N4g. 

Here's the skinny if you want to see if it's worth it to read the story:
Joystiq gave Conduit 2 a really really low review.  (Arguably deservedly so)
The writer for Joystiq who reviewed the game links a book he wrote in his signature (the Amazon page where you can buy the book)
The book was well received based on amazon reviews right up until just after he posted his Joystiq review.  Then a series of 1 star reviews showed up, talking about how bad the book is.  (I have no clue how good the book is actually, prior reviews were good though).
Anyways- the writer for the website above has posted a screencap he got from an anonymous source showing some dude at High Voltage sending out an internal email encouraging people to "return the favor by writing a reader review" for the book. 

That's the short version, I guess go check out the article, I think that's fairly interesting, and given what I seem to hear as a tone of "the conduit games are horrid, but if they made a 'good' game, the story is cool."  This makes me wonder what will come of this and/or Conduit.

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Sounds fair, if they actually read the book.

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Only one of the four reviews are still there... Which makes me think that High Voltage had a company meeting that put the fear into those who wrote the reviews. The one remaining is probably not from High Voltage. 
Either way, that internal email seems innocent enough, albeit a little strange. I figure three jerks just took it the wrong way.

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