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Congo is the first boss of Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. He's a giant robot spanning the three floors of Transformed Oedo Castle. Parts of his body can be seen while exploring the castle, such as his hand blocking a hallway on the second floor. The boss fight only involves his head from the neck up that he can slowly turn around the room. His weak point is a red button found on his chin. As he takes damage, his head will start to crumble.
He's only capable of two attacks that involve spitting a long wave of fire and shooting four laser beams out of his neck. When his lasers are active, he turns his head to spin them around the room. His fire breath can be avoided by running away to the edges of the room. His lasers can be simply jumped over.
When Congo is defeated, he drops the Miracle Moon that becomes important later on in the game.

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