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Congo's Caper is an action platformer game from Data East, known in Japan as Tatakae Genshijin 2: Rookie no Bouken ("Caveman Combat: Rookie's Adventure"). It is the first sequel to Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, which had the "Tatakae Genshijin" subtitle in the title of its Japanese incarnation. Rather than Joe and Mac, it stars a new protagonist named Congo who is a monkey who was fortunate enough to be transformed into a human being. Taking damage transforms him back into a monkey, while collecting rubies allows him to transform into an even stronger character called Super Congo. He is on a quest to recover his girlfriend Congette (another monkey-human hybrid) from the antagonistic Demon-King.

Future sequels in this series would switch the focus back to Joe and Mac, as was the case for Lost in the Tropics and Joe and Mac Returns.

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