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Could the Conker MP games in Conker's BFD be made on XBLA and what else would need improving? The answer to the first question was a resounding yes. I then thought of 9 ways to make it perfect.

1. Reformatted in HD, faster framerate, minor graphical improvements.
2. Online play. The most important by far. As well as being offline, they would have to make it online (Heist and Raptor would make great games online). Amount of players online would be around 8, or 16 depending on the game (Race can only have 8, while Raptor, and Heist could have 16, I'll explain shortly).

3. Removal of restrictions. Remember that on the N64 version only two players could go on one team whilst the others had to go on the other? Now that the cartridge has gone, how about having 8 players on the cavemen's side, and 8 on raptors side? The same would go for the war modes, though the 2 tediz would have to stick for the frencies as it would be very unfair.
4. Actual swearing, like uncut, you could also go to options and turn it off though.


5. Evolution, of game modes, basically in Heist there would be four on each team, and you’d have to get $30,000 each bag is worth $5,000, however, when you get 2 money bags in ($10,000) you’d be able to put lasers around (like in War chapter not matrix, so they would be destroyed when someone goes on them) for one bag of money ($1,000) you could bribe guards to work for you, however, once they die they won’t be in your team. In Raptor, evolution WOULD happen. The raptors would instead start off with the head-butt, then find charge, then tail swipe, then find claws, then find bite (random order), then evolution. They’d become T-rexes which would make them substantially bigger then the normal cavemen. For cavemen, they would start with the club, then find throwing knives, then katana, then shield, then crossbow, then bombs (random order), then evolve into big uggas they would be able to jump which would cause a shock-wave.


6. New game mode. Infestation is basically a hold out against zombies, Tediz, cavemen, goblins (LaR version), and wasps. You would be able to call in Context Sensitive. The more you kill the more stuff you can get. Round 1-3 goblins, 4-6 zombies and goblins 7-10 zombies, goblins and cavemen, 10-13 zombies, goblins, cavemen, and wasps 14-17 zombies, goblins, cavemen, wasps, and Tediz. 20 kills-Machine guns or Rifle, 40 kills-Sniper, 60 kills-Bazooka, 80 kills-Tank

 7. New weapons such as a Semi-Automatic rifle with a bayonet (used by the Tediz in LaR version).

8. Campaign, basically add the double machine guns back, and in the War chapter Conker should think whether he should have the rifle, or machineguns (players choice).

9. Controls, keep the LaR controls, just take out left analog stick to jump. The N64 controls were a pain in the ass to shoot with.
 Your thoughts?

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Make it more vulgar to keep up with the adult humor of the adults now. 

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Yeah, #4 UNCUT.

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This sounds like an awesome idea, i don't currently own an Xbox 360 but i really liked the HD remake of the original Perfect Dark.. if they could do the same thing for Conkers Bad Fur Day i would be very tempted to buy a 360.
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I would love to see a XBLA release of Conkers Bad Fur Day. Great Game =)

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It was fun, but yet another game that if  it were to be released, it would get some hype for a few months before release then once it came out everyone would suddenly not care, not buy it and the online multi player would be a fucking ghost town (see: Perfect Dark or one of the 800 beat-em-ups they decided to re release.) Also, upon release cue masses of people saying 'man, this game does hold up at all. Yuck.' Well, of course it doesn't. 
I'm not saying I wouldn't want the release of Conkers Bad Fur Day on XBLA, but this cycle has repeated itself so many times with these re releases now. :|

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I think Nintendo owns the right to Conker's Bad Fur Day so I don't think that'll happen but I'm not entirely sure.  But Microsoft did publish Live And Reloaded and I think that's playable on 360, but Microsoft said they don't want to do HD remakes so that probably won't get one.

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I would be down with anything Conker related. Scratch that, anything Rare related that doesn't involve avatars.

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@RobotHamster:  Microsoft owns the rights to Rare and Conker. Don't you remember when Nintendo sold Rare to Microsoft?
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@Conkersotherfan said:

" Yeah, #4 UNCUT. "

Ha. My dyslexia made me read that as "U CUNT" at first, just after reading KaosAngel's suggestion for more vulgarity.
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Just put live and reloaded on the arcade and I'd be happy. But they shouldn't keep it censored. The N64 version was more vulgar than the Xbox version.

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@Conkersotherfan said:
" @RobotHamster:  Microsoft owns the rights to Rare and Conker. Don't you remember when Nintendo sold Rare to Microsoft? "
More like "Don't you remember when the game came out on Xbox." 
It's backwards compatible by the way. 
I'm pretty sure it has online play too. Not 100% sure, but pretty sure.
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@LordXavierBritish:  Online doesn't work with any Original xbox game anymore.

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