This doesn't make sense

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It should be Action Button or Interact

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@maimran91: NO
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I think it's fine.  It makes perfect sense, the place is context sensitive because the button only performs a certain action in that context.

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It does make sense, and it's also an industry-recognised term. Also, 'action button' suggests that there's only one specifically designated button that causes the player to interact or perform a move, whereas 'context sensitive' is more of a catch-all that means any of the buttons could do anything depending on what's going on.

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Context Sensitive? What kind of word is that? I never heard of this word

#6 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
@maimran91 said:
" Context Sensitive? What kind of word is that? I never heard of this word "
It means that the action performed when the button is pressed depends on what you're doing in the game.  When you stand by a fence, A might make you vault over it, whereas you'll perform a stealth kill if you're standing behind an enemy when you press it.  The action you perform is therefore context sensitive.
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@maimran91: I first bumped into it in Conker's Bad Fur Day, and I think it has become a widely used term since around that time. It has for me, anyway.
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@Hailinel:  Thanks

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