junior_ain's Contra 4 (Nintendo DS) review

Are you man enough for Contra?!

My reaction after playing this game for some time after I got it was natural, I was absolutely in love with this game; what a pleasant surprise I was in for, this may be be the best game I've played on the DS, simply amazing.

This is action filled 2D side-scroller the way the gods intended it to be! Come on, lots of guns just waiting to destroy and annihilate everything you come up against, gigantic bosses that will scare the crap out of the bravest, four main characters easily describable as the four manliest men ever to walk on this planet, extreme challenges designed for the skillful, a killer soundtrack; this game screams manliness!

Everything fits pretty well together, the graphics are great, very detailed. The sound is one of the best I've ever heard, I don't remember a soundtrack this good in a portable game, fits perfectly with the action that is frenetically delivered! The controls are great and pretty well responsive.

What might be frustrating for some is the difficulty, but the game probably wouldn't be this good if it wasn't for the high difficulty; both screens are used, and amazingly well used, enemies on both screens will try to hit you and it's thrilling trying not to die, of course it adds to the difficulty a lot, since it's two screens to keep track of, but manageable within some time.

So you need another fact to be sure that this game rock? How about get 3 for the price of 1? That's right, get Contra 4 and receive both, the original Contra and Super Contra for NES as well, and that's not all, you get lots of unlockable stuff, like comic books and interviews!

One of the best games for the DS indeed, a must buy for any 2D side-scroller fan and old school players!

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