funkykonghongyo's Contra III: The Alien Wars (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Contra III the greatest Contra?

Contra III for the SNES is one great game but not for the faint of heart period

Gameplay- Basically a game of great reflexes and timing co-op is the best way for it to be played if completion is to be had at this and fun will be had and many controller may be threw across the room

Difficulty- 10/10 for a blasting novice 6/10 for the decent ones with many contra's under there belt

Graphics- The graphics have a total overhaul of doom and gray seems like a nuclear holocaust from even the first level you will notice gray sky's with smoke and enemies look like robots from 2089 not the happiest game to be found

Sound- From everything to the gun blasts to the dying sounds you will hear many times over are excellent

Overall- Great game overall but the difficulty may turn some off but if you have a friend and want some old fashion alien killing run and gun style then its a play

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