What the hell is up with the cover?

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I've played this game dozens of times when I had my nintendo but never really noticed until just now...I count no less than 3 blatant ripoffs of IP on the cover of this game.  To the left you have schwarzenegger in the predator, in the middle you have the alien from....well....alien and on the right you have a rambo wannabe.  Somebody obviously didn't put too much thought into this cover.  He probably looked at the movies that were out that week and slapped them on the box.   

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At least it is better than the Metal Gear box-art for NES.

 Metal Gear / Kyle Reese (Terminator)
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hmmm touche... 

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Ha, I've never noticed the Predator reference, but yea, that totally is Arny's bod from the cover.

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Ha!  At first glance, there doesn't even look like anything is wrong! 

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It was the 80s. And also: Japan.

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I think that's what they were going for, big burly men resembling action heroes of the time. Besides, who else could save the galaxy from Red Falcon?
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@tastyhouse said:
hmmm touche... 

I swear to god that i thought that was the original cover. I just noticed that something was wrong because of the Alien.
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lol, I looked at the cover before I read what you said was being ripped off, and I matched what you said exactly.

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@tastyhouse said:

hmmm touche...

Well done sir, well done. lol

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I feel like copyright wasn't as worried about back then because:

1. Not a totally litigious society yet in the 80s

2. Japan, which doesn't have such strict copyright laws as the US

3. Video games may have been popular, but not to the level they are now where they outsell everything.

Now everybody go play the first two Call of Duty games and count the number of movies each level rips off.

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