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A good and different story gets lost behind buggy mechanics 0

Contrast is an interesting story that I haven't seen told in video games. Its told around a young girl and her family struggles. You play as her friend that only she can see. The game that comes with that story is also a novel idea of shifting into shadows to solve puzzles and reach places you normally could not. The problem is that gameplay is a buggy mess. Frustration can set in pretty easily due to the number of times you have to hit "restart from checkpoint" because you have gotten pinned i...

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Quickly Released. Quickly Forgotten. 0

Contrast is a classic example of a game that could have done with a little more time in the oven. Its got great potential but a combination of a bad camera, bugs and fiddly puzzle solving ruin a world that is interesting to look at and explore.The world of contrast is without doubt its strongest feature. It is, at times beautiful and it is sylized in such a way that it serves to stand out when just taking a passing glance. The aesthetic reminded me of some sort of lovechild between Bioshock inf...

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With one or two great ideas notwithstanding, Contrast is a boring, muddled mess. 0

Somewhere, buried deep, deep in the heart of Contrast, is a spark. The spark of a fantastic idea, one that could, with the right fuel, conditions, and maybe just a little luck, ignite into a tremendous fire. However, like a metaphor that begins to spiral out of control, Contrast smothers that spark with enough wet tinder so that all that remains is just that, a spark.In Contrast, players take the role of Dawn, an imaginary-friend-meets-guardian-angel who can shift in between the physical world a...

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