Out on IOS

#1 Posted by Mister_V (1603 posts) -

Hey guys, just to let yo know this game is now out on the IPad. And it's great!

#2 Posted by Chaser324 (7099 posts) -

I love the desktop version, so I'll most likely pick it up on iPad too. I'm glad to hear the conversion turned out well.

#3 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -
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I tried the demo fro the PC version and while I knew I wanted to buy it, the keyboard binding stuff was starting to hamper me up a bit and I wish it was more consistent or intuitive. However, I went out on a limb with the iPad version and IT IS GODDAMN AWESOME. Except for some swipe field stuff that could use some more loosening up, the touch stuff is intuitive and really speedy which absolutely makes that game sing. I immediately know I've got a winner on the iPad when I have to eat and go to the bathroom but I don't because I keep playing the game.

If you liked this game and are deciding between the two versions, I thought iPad was the one to get, especially since the PC version was a bit too low res on full screen and there were no resolution options. Faced between that and the iPad version, this just makes a lot of sense.

#5 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

This game rules. The touch controls are perfect.

#6 Posted by EVO (4028 posts) -

Sweet. I've been waiting for this to get greenlit on Steam but iPad seems like the perfect platform for this.

#7 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

Copped that shiz. The perfect mobile game.

#8 Posted by Winternet (8238 posts) -

Y'all should try it.

#9 Posted by Zereta (1465 posts) -

I've been playing a lot of this today and it's quickly catapulted to being a personal GOTY contender.

#10 Posted by KirePDX (81 posts) -

Does anyone know how to start a new game in this? I got it on my girlfriend's iPad, and have a restaurant about a week in, but she wants to start playing. I'd like her to start on her own game so she gets some ownership of it. I thought I saw multiple save slots when I started, but can't find it again. Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried restarting the app? Double tap the home button to bring up a list of apps running in the background. Then press and hold the one you wanna close. And then press the close button that appears. When you start again, you should be at the main menu, where I think you can start a new game.

#12 Posted by KirePDX (81 posts) -

@koolaid that did it. Thank you.

#13 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I bought this on PC and I'm buying it again!

I think the problem though is that there isn't a big variety of things to do, I found that I had unlocked almost everything I wanted to unlock before I was a 2-star restaurant. The core game is awesome, but it just needs better pacing for unlocks and progress or just more food.

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#15 Posted by LegendaryChopChop (1317 posts) -

It's a pretty awesome game and I have had almost no troubles with the touchscreen except doing dishes and taking out the trash, those are pretty rough to do on a touchscreen, IMO. I always mess those up.

#16 Posted by Ben_H (3614 posts) -

I played this game on my iPad for like 4 hours in one shot yesterday. I never games for that long at once anymore.

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