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Because Sunglasses Are Cool

I don't know how corporate pandering works in this day and age, but considering we haven't seen games like Cool Spot or Yo! Noid in a while, I think it's safe to say that they don't condone marketing gimmicks like this anymore. Which is kind of a shame. Not that these games were good, or anything. Cool Spot was awful. It looked nice, the controls were straight-forward, and the gameplay could actually be pretty fun at times. But once the feeling sinks in that you're playing not a game but a mass-marketing tool designed to sucker you into buying someone's product, you feel dirty. Insulted, even.

They were carefree days back then, when every company had a mascot who could attract the attention of kiddies the world over. I don't think mascots even exist in 2012. If it means we won't get any more historical pop-culture flops like this, I see that as a bittersweet blessing.

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