38 Studios Unveils its First Look at Project Copernicus

#201 Posted by JuicyDrop (29 posts) -

Never realized the crisis would touch the game industries. That's a pity.

the video is nice.

#202 Posted by sandweed (154 posts) -

I'm sorry Mario but your WOW killing MMO is in another castle.

#203 Posted by Obinice (299 posts) -

Nice video, some good stuff in there, shame its an mmo.

#204 Posted by ultra2extreme (111 posts) -

Jeez, convincing a state to fund an MMO? Mind control or ignorance? You decide, Tonight on CBS

#205 Posted by ShenaniganZ (73 posts) -

Looks like WoW 1.5. This feels like what you get when you have a wealthy uber WoW fan like Schilling, trying to come up with his dream project, which is to get paid to play more WoW......I hope it works out. I wonder if the game world is larger than the state of RI....hmmmm...an E3 mystery perhaps?

#206 Edited by DriftSPace (133 posts) -

I bet this game will never see a public release. Reckoning was supposed to help pay for this, but I don't think they met their mark.

#207 Posted by gaminginpublic (119 posts) -

The graphics engine is dated, but the environments look really really nice and unique. Less copy and pasted than WOWC was. However, I'm not going to play an MMO for a company that's in financial ruin. I'd have to worry every day about trying to log on to find my server no longer exists.

#208 Posted by Lucidlife (108 posts) -

An MMO? They are doomed as a studio. The MMO train has left the station. No one cares anymore.

#209 Posted by Roger778 (960 posts) -

That wasn't a very exciting video to watch. The only compliment I can give it is that the art style was lovely.

#210 Posted by Root_of_All_Evil (16 posts) -

@Lucidlife said:

An MMO? They are doomed as a studio. The MMO train has left the station. No one cares anymore.

You would think so and I would wish so, but the amount of income MMOs gain in total is continuing to rise. There seems to be a population that plays each new release of an MMO then migrates to the next thing that brings up its ugly head. Further more MMOs are primarily played by social gamers and that means casuals which = more wallets to investors. So ya the string of bad MMOs will unfortunately not be going away.

#211 Posted by Scubasteve1974 (58 posts) -

Looked kinda cool. Too bad it was an MMO. It'd be cool if someone took those assets and made an RPG with em.

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