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  Title: C.O.R.E. Release: August 11, 2009 Genre: First-Person Shooter Developer: NoWay Studio Publisher: Graffiti Entertainment Platform: DS Rating: M (Mature) Remember the first time you ever played DOOM? How awesome it was to fight pixilated demons while your parents thought you were worshipping Satan? You probably also remember wanting to make your own DOOM game. Well, someone already made DOOM. It was considered a classic that made first-person shooters what they are to...

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So much or is it to much? NO! 0

I love this game I really do. It has to be one my favorite DS game of all time.  The gameplay is great mainly because the weapons are awesome and the enemies are to.  The weapons are not to powerful but enough to take out an enemy in a sec and they also sound great! There just awesome!!!  The enemies are tough and are very smart they will use tactics to take you down.  15 levels of pure awesomeness each level is different and is filled with surprises and enemies and secrets.  The multiplayer is ...

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