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Soaring high over the fields of League of Legends, Corki uses inventions created by Heimerdinger to bomb, burn, and shoot his enemies from his copter. Flying high over his enemies, Corki gains enhanced vision on the battlefield. He uses this to excel at hunting down his fleeing enemies; none are able to escape his advanced weaponry.

Back Story

Hailing from the City of Progress, Corki is an ace pilot in the Bantam City Expeditionary Force. Leading his squadron, the Screaming Yipsnakes, Corki explores lands unknown high from the air. From time to time Corki and his squadron are called upon to defend the City of Progress from those that would hinder it's advancement. Lacking enough of a challenge with the BCEF, Corki followed his friend Heimerdinger to the League to test his skills against the best.


 Hextech Shrapnel Shells
Passive: Corki's normal attacks deal 10% additional true damage.
 Phosphorus  Bomb
Active Ability (Q): Corki fires bomb at his target, dealing damage and reducing the chance to hit by 35% of anyone caught in the blast. 
Active Ability (W): Corki flies to his target on a bombing run, leaving a trail of fire in his wake that damages those that are caught in it.
 Gatling Gun
Active Ability (E): Corki's gatling guns fire multiple shots every half second at the trade off of each shot dealing 1/4 of normal damage. Enemies caught in his fire will have their armor reduced.

 Missile Barrage
Active Ability (R): Corki launches a large missile that will explode upon contact, dealing damage to those around the target. Activating the ability uses one missile; Corki gains one missile every 14 seconds storing up to a total of 7. Every fourth missile fired will be a Big One, dealing double the damage and having 100% splash damage.

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