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Corporal Jake Duun (voiced by

Barry Pepper

) is first seen in the opening mission entitled "S.S.D.D." once the player (Private Allen) reaches The Pit. Before the player runs through The Pit, Dunn gives a short tutorial on swapping weapons and its benefits while in combat. After the Pit run, Dunn greets the player with their result. He then heads off along side

Sergeant Foley

and the 7th Ranger Regiment to help resist militia in an unamed town in


, as well as taking the town back from said militia (in the mission "Team Player"). Dunn does not reappear in the events of

Modern Warfare 2

until the mission "Wolverines!" in which Dunn, Foley, and the new

player character

, James Ramirez, aid in the defense of eastern


with the rest of the 75th Regiment, as well as being tasked with the extraction of 'Raptor' (actual name and occupation unmentioned), a high value individual. Dunn and the Rangers then push through


with the aid of a Stryker APC (callsign Honey Badger) to aid in the extraction of civilians and to take out Russian artillery and SAM (surface to air missle) sites.

The next time Dunn is present is in

Washington D.C.

, alongside

Sergeant Foley

and James Ramirez once again to clear and capture a Russian stronghold. After this task has been accomplished, Dunn boards a

UH-60 Black Hawk

to take out Russian SAM sites, with the help of U.S. Navy SEALs, that are located at the now Russian-controlled Department of Justice. A semi-successful run results in the helicopter being shot down, and Dunn is forced to make what seems like a final stand alongside his comrades at the crash site. It is later seen that Dunn and the Rangers around the crash site make it out alive after an EMP launched by Captain Price in Russia (in the mission "Contingency") eliminates all threats such as helicopters, bombers, and fighter jets, causing them to fall from the sky due to their electrical equipment failure. Dunn then proceeds through the dark city streets, until he rendezvous' with a runner telling him and his squad that they are to head to the

White House

(code-named Whiskey Hotel). After fighting their way through Russian stragglers, they move as planned to the White House, defeating the Russian forces there and using green flares to show that Whiskey Hotel is in control of U.S. forces so the landmark does not get targeted by a friendly

air strike

. This is the last time that Dunn is seen in the events of

Modern Warfare 2

(apart from the "Museum").


  • As stated in the art handbook that came with the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2, Dunn is equipped with a Delta Force-style helmet to differenciate him from other soldiers around the player. This is also relevant to Sergeant Foley's appearance.
  • Dunn is seen throughout the game equipped with a SCAR-H with a thermal scope attached, except for the Desert Eagle he is holding in The Pit in S.S.D.D. However, when the EMP goes off in "Second Sun", he comments on how his red dot is out, despite him having a thermal scope mounted on his gun.
  • He appears to be good friends, or at least on good terms with, player-character Joseph Allen.
  • Dunn is the multiplayer announcer for the US Army Rangers.
  • He is seen as Sergeant Foley's right-hand man, just as Ghost is seen as Soap's right-hand man.
  • In "Wolverines!", Dunn is ordered to go check on 'Raptor' by Sergeant Foley after Private Wells asks Foley if he has a medic. This means that Dunn may have a background in further combat medic training.
  • In the end of "Of Their Own Accord" and in the beginning of "Second Sun" when James Ramirez is trapped inside the crashed chopper, Dunn is shot in the head by a russian soldier, but does not die.
  • Dunn is wearing a different tactical vest compared to the rest of the Rangers in the game. This might be because he is a medic and needs to carry more kit. He also appears to wear more armour than any of the other soldiers.
  • Dunn is a main character in the game, meaning that you cannot kill him by friendly fire.

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