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Corporal Hart is a character that made her first appearance in TimeSplitters 2, and returned as a playable character in the multiplayer of TimeSplitters 3. In the cooperative mode of TimeSplitters 2, Corporal Hart would serve as the character for the second player.

Following are her in game descriptions in both TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

The TimeSplitters 2 bio reads:

Not just an excellent soldier, Corporal Hart is also an expert with all kinds of mechanical and computer technology. She has found her servo- enhanced tritium Exo-Arm yo be a very useful aid in battle situations.

The TimeSplitters: Future Perfect bio reads:

Cortez's old sidekick. Who knows, if she hadn't caught one in the kisser back in TimeSplitters2 she might still be around. Oh, I see, you've completed the story game so the TimeSplitters never existed and she didn't die. Well, how come there's a selectable TimeSplitter character then?


"Locked, cocked, and ready to roll."

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