gogo1317's Cortex Command (PC) review

My brainbots in another Bunker

When the going gets tough, The tough Dig for gold and throw crabs at you.

Cortex command, One of the greatest games I have played thus far. It comes to us from a small group of devoted game creators and artists that take fan ideas, And input very seriously.

The setting for cortex command is a very neat one at that. Over years of intergalactic travel we learned how to remove our brains and create robotic ones to run multiple bodies at once with and give us extended lifespans. So in essence you turn your brain into a Bio Computer capable of controlling armies. Thus entered the era this game takes place, The first interstellar gold rush. Not only are humans taking part in it, But there are a other races from other worlds in on this race trying to reap the resources of other planets for the gain of the respective corporations. And interesting setup, And after that you get to start in on this game that had been in the works and has updates and the developers try to stay constant with the fan feedback as well.

Not only do the Fellas over at DataRealms add content and make the game an absolute delight to play, But the fan mods are some of the most awesome stuff you can get. I had an army of Prawns from District 9 and and army of Space Marines from Warhammer 40k duking it out.

The game mainly consists of three objectives. Build an army and gather resources and destroy your opponents brain.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Well prepare to get killed over, And over, And over. The game is a side scrolling bullet flinger that has you take control and program robots or meat bodies to dig for gold while you set up defenses and build bunkers deep and convoluted to keep your opponent from finding let alone attacking where your brain is being stored. Or is your feeling spicy, You can pop your brain in a robot body and take the fight to the enemy with your own life on the line. If your like me and like to have a good net of money and power to fall back on, You'll be spending a fair amount of time learning how to micro manage your building and digging systems and placing your bodies in the right defensive spots to keep you alive and well stocked.

It feels similar to an RTS, But with the ability to take a body over and gun down your enemies if our AI bodies aren't doing as well as you'd hoped for.

(Pictured right) This is one of the missions from the campaign, You have this disk with some very valuable information on it, And the Dummy corporation who specialize in robotic brains and very cheap bodies that are low in capability but easy to replace, wants the disc, And you aren't going to give it to them without a fight.

So you hunker down in this Bunker and defend your brain bot that's hidden away in the basement. So after a long battle, Full of explosions and bunker busting bombs being used again and again. You have to escape into a ship to protect your brain and the disk.

This mission makes you micromanage troops on the left and right because you have to defend both sides from the dummies, And if you don't take your time and manage your troops weapons and positions you will be overwhelmed within a very short time.

This game can get incredibly hectic, More than once i've been in a close range firefight with a few enemies and i found myself ducking my head to avoid gunfire from inside my computer.

And with the unlimited supply of mod armies and levels to download and enjoy this game has a very long life, That's just beginning. You can even try your hand at creating your own personalized armies to compete and show off what your companies specialties are.

I wanna meet the straw look'n dude on the right, I'd cal him slim.

The possibility for growth in this game is immense, And the fans (like me) who play it and Follow DataRealms are active and support the game and supplement it with our own content, So it is a constantly changing game, With living players talking and fighting over supremacy in this war zone for the shiniest of shinnies. And with the ability to play online being added in, That will add a whole new level to the players level of competition and co-operation to expand. I can see a very bright future for this game, And a whole galaxy of content that has yet to even be attempted to tap.

The World of CortexCommand is open and waiting, The Interstellar Gold Rush awaits, Will you be the next great galactic prospector. Or just sit on the sidelines like a Space Age hippie?

Build, Battle, and Beyond.

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