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The first (and last) game developed by the company "Neorex," Cosmic Race is a racing game released for the PlayStation in 1995. Aside from the anime-style portraits of the game's 5 characters, the game's graphics were created entirely using stock textures from the PlayStation's developer kit. Piloting flying vehicles dubbed "VEDs," which come in an assortment of shapes and sizes (Including a motorcycle, a mech suit, and a pineapple-textured bus with wings), players are meant to run laps around oversized, barren tracks.

Boasting crippled controls, a variety of non-functional multiplayer modes (Including "Scramble" mode, which has players attempting to track down and capture balloons hidden within otherwise empty maps), and a general lack of consistency, the game was received poorly upon release, and Neorex would not go on to produce any new titles.


The game boasts a selection of 5 playable characters (each with their own individual VED).

Characters / VEDs

  • Cyan Square - "Borg"
  • Kenjyuro T - "HITO-01"
  • Leo Clis Paldo - "Couga"
  • Easha Krueq - "Propeller"
  • Barba Kue - "S-Lagon"


A decidedly obscure release, the game's lasting legacy seems to be it's dubious honor of being the only game to receive a score of "0%" from the now-defunct gaming magazine Game Player. The review was published in the publication's final issue in 1996.

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