usagi's Cosmic Race (PlayStation) review

Cosmic Race (PS1) review

Cosmic Race is as bad as your mind will allow you to comprehend and then it is even worse than that!


Cosmic Race came out for the PlayStation in January of 1995, a full eight months before the system even hit North America and already the worst game on the system was already out in Japan!


The graphics look like they came from the original PlayStation SDK minimally altered and slapped into the game.

SOUND: 1.0

The music is so forgettable that even after I have played this game way more than it deserves to be played, I still can't remember it at all! The sound effects are virtually nonexistent.


You actually use the four face buttons for steering your craft far more than the d-pad! Enough said!


Clearly there is absolutely no lasting appeal here as the game is mind numbingly boring within minutes of the first race!


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