Cosmic Smash Needs To Come To Wii With Motion Plus Support

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I finally got my copy of this rare Japanese game earlier today, after having to put in a consistent effort searching for it online. In the end I had to pay fifty English pounds / $100, as much as a full price new game : /, but the fact is I already consider it money very well spent.

This game is quality, everything about it is just so cool, from It's box and manual, which are both beautifully designed, to it's adictive simple gameplay which grabs you and forces you to keep on playing.

The graphics and sound are great, I adore some of the Trance music featured in this game,  and I like the style of the voice, it's justy so unique, I also really like the minimal style this game has, for me it' as good as Rez's, if not better. It all looks absolutely stunning running through VGA on both my PC monitor and projector. For me It's easily one of the most beautiful looking DC games I have played to date, and I have played many.

All the style aside, the playability in this game is awesome, but I'm guessing just like Rez the experience wont last very long, it certainly looks that way on the evidence of the map, Still, In all honestly I don't care at all, I love this game even if it is short and lacks depth, It's still great fun in short bursts. As I have matured as a gamer I have come to really appreciate games like this, games that I can pick up and play, and drop easily.

Earlier I had it hooked up to my projector in my bedroom I was lying on my bed staring up at the ceiling in awe of it, when It dawned on me how awesome this game would be on Nintendo Wii...Sega would have to be fucking insane not to bring this game to Wii with Motion Plus.. so, I later ran a little search for "Cosmic Smash Wii" and to my amazement I found this:

It's very reassuring to know there are some others that think along the same lines as me... and that people have taken the time to conceive every little detail about how such a game could play on Wii.

Is something in the works", I bloody well hope so!.

arcade poster.

Does anyone else own this cool game?, or played the original arcade game back in the day perhaps?  I've never played it myself... If so, would you also like to see this game come over to Nintendo Wii, and how would you like to see Sega approach any Wii game. I would love a ground up Wii game with motion Plus, I'm really not that bothered with seeing a HD version on XBLA,, but I wouldn't say no to that of course. 


This and Jet Set are my biggest wants on Wii from SEGA, well, and Shenmue Collection also...

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Never heard of this until I read your piece LS.  Sounds and looks very nice.  I agree that a Wii Motion + version would be awesome and certainly of interest to me.

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Ooh, this does look pretty cool, and would be a perfect fit for the wii much like Nights or Jet Set

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3DS remake plz

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@ZmillA said:
" 3DS remake plz "
1 year thread is 1 year old 
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@The_Laughing_Man said:
" @ZmillA said:
" 3DS remake plz "
1 year thread is 1 year old  "
this is the only thread in this forum, not really a big deal
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*takes hat off to Linkyshinks*

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@ZmillA said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:
" @ZmillA said:
" 3DS remake plz "
1 year thread is 1 year old  "
this is the only thread in this forum, not really a big deal "
I never said it was. I just stated a year old topic was a year old.

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