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Cosmo is the fairy godfather of Timmy Turner. He is married to Wanda, who also is a fairy godparent. All the fairies in Fairy world call Cosmo a moron. This is true because of the stupid things he has done in his life. His worst failure was in fairy high school. Before he was married to Wanda, he wanted to try and win her love. He did this by baking her a cake. The plan was fool-proof, that is until the cake came alive and hurt Wanda really bad. Cosmo's greatest enemy would be Wandicemo. Wandicemo is a fairy who is really strong and the greatest dancer in fairy world. When Wanda decided to marry Cosmo instead of Wandicemo, his heart was crushed. Wandicemo promised that in the end, he would win Wanda's heart back. Timmy and Cosmo like to joke around and do stupid things, this usually gets them in trouble with Wanda. Wanda has always cleaned up the mess of Timmy and Cosmo. Sadly, both Timmy and Cosmo don't learn from their mistakes and they continue to goof around. Cosmo is afraid of many things. But the two things he is afraid of most is; Jorgan and Super-toilet. When he was in fairy training(like all fairies) Jorgan gave him a hard time because of Cosmo's slow learning skills and stupidity. Jorgan loss all of his General stars because Cosmo sank atlantis, blew up a city, and almost destroyed fairy world. Super-toilet was wished up by Timmy Turner. Cosmo hates it because the toilet swirled him around constantly. Cosmo also has a mother who hates, Wanda and tries to (accidentally) kill her. 

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