Audience for the PC?

#1 Posted by JamesTheFishy (20 posts) -

If this was released on steam or d2d or just plain retail for the PC, would you buy it and play it?
Also do you think double fine would port such a game?

#2 Posted by fisk0 (5310 posts) -

I´d buy it, I think it could be great on PC - I have no idea of how Double fine's relationship to PC gaming looks though - if they could make a decent port or think it could be worth it.

#3 Posted by BulletStorm (541 posts) -

Brutal Legend didn't come out on PC right? And it also didn't um, sell very well either. And given the unfortunate outlook that PC=Piracy to game devs, I think PC-Ported Costume Quest is unlikely unless... Costume Quest does very well... and by that time, they'd probably release it on PC next October.

#4 Posted by Icadae (113 posts) -

I don't see it as a PC game to be honest. The QTE battles and analogue movement would be hard to recreate properly, although you could argue for QWE combat-use. I don't know, if they do the controls right, sure. As for Brutal Legend, It'd be a hell of a lot better on PC with the way it's RTS elements are being used. Well, any RTS is better on the PC generally, and no the game didn't do that well sadly, but it's the "reap what you sow" thingie. Aside from that, piracy is more rampant on the consoles than the PC. Look at the handhelds, they suffer greatly.

#5 Posted by Jimbo (10267 posts) -

I'd buy it.  I think a lot of the XBLA games would be a great fit on Steam.  There's potential on there for a few hundred thousand sales in some cases, which is about on par with how well games can do on XBLA.
I guess they've missed Halloween, but I really doubt it would make that much difference to the experience.

#6 Posted by Binman88 (3707 posts) -

I wouldn't buy it, regardless of platform. 

#7 Posted by fisk0 (5310 posts) -
The thing is, only a very small percentage of consoles are internet connected (didn't that recent study say it's only 6% - and that was internet connected - those willing to purchase games online was a fraction of that?) - so while piracy is slightly harder on some consoles than PC's, digital only games can not reach as big an audience on the consoles as on PC's - where the vast majority are connected. For boxed retail games I'm sure consoles are far more profitable - but as I have understood it - niche/indie games sell a lot better on PC's. Especially when they are released on the big digital distribution services like Steam, Gamers Gate and D2D.

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