Costume Quest now available on PC. How awesome is that?

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Costume Quest, formerly a downloadable exclusive to consoles, randomly became available on Steam a few hours ago, with no advance warning. Rad.

It appears somebody is willing to finance Double Fine going back and making PC versions of their games. Pretty awesome, though the details are sorta vague:

#2 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) -

Awesome, I might just get it.

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Loved this game. Even though it was fairly simple in terms of gameplay, it reminded me of being a kid on halloween (I used to fight goblins and shit).

So any PC gamer who hasn't played this, should.

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I'll no doubt buy it at some point, I really didn't expect to see these on the PC.

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The game looks awesome, getting it for halloween this year.

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