Did I miss the save point?

#1 Posted by JerrKat (30 posts) -

I'm really enjoying this game. The only Issue I'm having is the lack of a save system/points. OR I'm I just missing them. The only saves I've seen are when I reach an area border.

#2 Posted by enemymouse (418 posts) -

same here. I use the apple bobbing guy as one.

#3 Posted by YoThatLimp (2216 posts) -

The worst thing about the game, always scared when leaving the game that it isn't saving. Its frustrating!

#4 Posted by project343 (2895 posts) -

Basically, anytime that you do something quest-related or do another bobbing run, it saves. Killing monsters: no save. It is frustrating, but you can work around it.

#5 Posted by Hyperfludd (399 posts) -

This is one of my minor issues with the game, but it's not a gamebreaker.

#6 Posted by The_Philosopher (634 posts) -
@jerrkat: It saves everytime you use those mummy coffin things to teleport. I just did that.

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