egyptian sarcophagi?

#1 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

I tripped the cuts scene that takes you into the mall section by accident before figuring out what I was supposed to do with the sarcophagi in the forest. Anybody know if I missed something important? 

#2 Posted by chu52 (379 posts) -

no , just keep playing it'll make sense soon

#3 Posted by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

thanks! I just didn't want to be looking all over the place later for a costume piece I missed there, or something.

#4 Posted by chu52 (379 posts) -

Nah problem, its the vampire and unicorn costumes that will do that to you.

#5 Posted by Sharpless (478 posts) -

Honestly, it's not hard to find every costume and 100% the game if you're a thorough, thoughtful player. I'm almost done with the game, and I'm constantly amazed by how everything just manages to fall into place. I wouldn't say the game is easy, per se; but it's entirely possible to S-rank it on your first playthrough. Similarly, the sarcophagi naturally explain themselves over time.

#6 Posted by brownsfantb (425 posts) -

Yeah, the thing I learned is to not worry if you're missing stuff, especially if your a thorough player. Just when I start worrying if I missed something, I happen to stumble upon it.

#7 Edited by umdesch4 (787 posts) -

Yeah, I guess in retrospect (having finally finished the game and getting all the achievements), it's good to know that the game gives you reasonable chances to catch up on things you missed by going back to previous areas using those sarcophagi. 
I even found out that the coffin on the ground right near the start of the game does something when you come back a whack it with something bigger that the pail you start out with. The skeleton inside wakes up and takes a walk. That was cute!

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