I'm missing some battle stamps, any ideas on finding them?

#1 Posted by Dj (913 posts) -

I just finished the game and I'm missing three battle stamps on the bottom row. I've bought all the available battle stamps and I still have no idea where to find the rest.

#2 Posted by Aetheldod (3785 posts) -

The very last one is given to you by defeating the witch at the end of the game ( well almost the end ) as for the rest they show up at the store eventually 

#3 Posted by Dj (913 posts) -

Do other stamps show up based on your level or am I missing something? 

#4 Posted by umdesch4 (771 posts) -

I think they may show up based on how much candy you have on you. I know the last few didn't immediately show up for me, until I had enough candy to afford them (although it may have been something else that triggered that, I can't say for sure)

#5 Posted by WillyGreen (6 posts) -

Each time I leveled up, more stamps became available.  Are you @ level 10?

#6 Posted by chu52 (305 posts) -

Leveling up, and do you have the larger candy bags from finding the hide and seek kids?

#7 Posted by Undeadpool (5034 posts) -
@Dj: More stamps become available with each level, so if you're not 10, you probably haven't been able to buy a couple. But you do get one final one for defeating Dorsilla.
#8 Posted by DougQuaid (1275 posts) -

You also get one for collecting all the costumes too I think.

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