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I spoke with some friends earlier and mentioned that I'm excited for Costume Quest and was met with blank stares. I went on to say, "you know, the new game from Double Fine.... Tim Schafer... fuck it."
It looks so awesome, but everyone's just talking about Super Meat Boy. 
Poor game. 
EDIT: Is it normal that they wouldn't send out any review copies?

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Yeah I think it's going to be overshadowed by Super Meat Boy. I'm much more excited about Costume Quest. I think Super Meat Boy looks really neat but I just don't have the patience for really hard games, so it's definitely not my thing. It seems like the kind of game I'd enjoy watching though, great music and it's funny to watch your friends get really pissed off and string together weird combinations of cuss words.

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Double Fine will also be pleased (not) with the temporary 800 point price point for super meat boy. I am picking up costume quest though, as I want to play that with the kids. Not really interested in a platformer right now.

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Also Costume Quest is coming out when a big RPG like Fallout too , many people will choose one of them (I'll get them both tho)..... isnt supposed to come to Arcade/PSN today??? Or is it tomorrow???

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@Burglarize: Given GB QL they've had to have sent out copies.  
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I'm definitely going to get Costume Quest on Thursday after my exam.  Fuck Super Meat Boy.

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I'm all about Costume quest. I love Double Fines stuff. Brutal Legend wasn't the best entirely but there is a lot to that game that makes it worth trying. Plus its aptly timed for this occasion.

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They're both awesome games, I'm sure CQ will do good.

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Team Meat sent out review copies super early, so that's probably why Super Meat Boy is getting more attention than Costume Quest. I'm sure it'll get more coverage in the coming days.

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@endaround: Is there an embargo then because I can't find a single review on the internet? 
EDIT: Just read on Ryan's twitter that a review should be up tomorrow, BOOYAH!
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Gonna get both - SMB actually saved itself by offering a discount. Too many games come out at the $15 mark when $10 is the sweet spot, and I had already pledged my wallet to Costume Quest. 
 Lots of other forms of media discount at lauhch, weird that games don't at all (any time I buy a CD or DVD the 1st couple weeks it comes out it's about $10 off, a month later it's bumped up). Glad to see Team Meat doing it, hope it catches on.

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I'll admit that I had never heard of Costume Quest until I saw the quick look on the site.  Seems sort of interesting, but I've already committed my dollars to fable 3 next week, so I won't be getting it any time soon.

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I may not get around to playing it for a while because of Fallout but I'm definitely getting Costume Quest tomorrow.
Kinda interested in SMB but I don't know. Maybe it's just me but I've been finding that a lot of these minimal / weird / stylized platformers are a lot cooler in concept and videos than they are entertaining.

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@Burglarize: Keep in mind that with the PSN release not until Wednesday and the biggish F:NV release today sites might just be holding back until tomorrow.
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Costume Quest received this reaction from my girlfriend: "AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" 
So I'm getting Costume Quest (also the game looks REALLY fun).

#16 Posted by yakov456 (1969 posts) -

After downloading the demo I have to say I love the style and feel of this game. 15 is still a bit steep for me though. Cute game.

#18 Posted by DetectiveSpecial (472 posts) -

Not a fan of the gravitation towards fifteen dollars as the new "standard" price point for digital titles. 
In any case, I am loving the hell out of Costume Quest.  

#19 Posted by YoThatLimp (2067 posts) -

$15 for 5 hours is okay, but $10 would be sweet. 

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Team Super Meat are simply PR machines.  They have been keeping their game in the press for months.  For just 2 dudes bustings their asses to release this game, they have found a remarkable chunk of time to talk it up, make joke games for the App Store, write articles about game difficulty, etc...   But for a game coming out of a full sized development house, Double Fine has not been working it like they should.  Especially since Tim isn't the bottleneck like he used to be, I think he should have been out doing more press.  But it's possible he's busy in some other way.   
#21 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I'm getting both! No one really knows what Costume Quest really is. Someone failed in the PR department...

#22 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

 What do you guys think so far? I've played it for about an hour or so, maybe 2, and I think it's great! 
Just cruising around the town picking up candy, solving little puzzles and fighting monsters as THE frikking STATUE OF LIBERTY.    Can't wait to see some of the other customes.

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I am really enjoying it, Think double fine should stick to making little games like this they seem to be very good at it 

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Alex said on the Bombcast that he is reviewing it. Besides that had a Ql what more do you need or a downloadable game

#25 Posted by heat (196 posts) -

Game is awesome, but man the framerate could use some work.

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I didn't even realize it was released. I mean, I knew it was supposed to be released on the 20th, but today is the 21st and I was still looking for it. Didn't show up on the dashboard. I figured maybe it was a PS3 exclusive for the first week or something and I'd have to either buy it on PS3 or wait a few more days. There is absolutely no promotion for this title on XBLA. I had to go to the Game Marketplace. Then I had to go to the "New Arrivals" section. Then I had to scroll toward the back of the list, to even find it. 
It's like they're trying to do as much as possible to *not* put the game in front of eyeballs.

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@cstrang: I agree completely
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@SteamPunkJin said:
" Gonna get both - SMB actually saved itself by offering a discount. Too many games come out at the $15 mark when $10 is the sweet spot, and I had already pledged my wallet to Costume Quest.  "
Yeah, this.  I wasn't going to devote the money to Super Meat Boy, but the release-month discount got me.  I really, really enjoy Super Meat Boy.  Way more than I thought I would.  More so than Costume Quest, even.
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Costume Quest isn't coming out for PC, but SMB is :(

#30 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2729 posts) -

Costume quest is really awesome,  heres hoping it doesn't get TOO overshadowed. 
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At least with Haloween coming in just over a week, they have an opportunity for a "second release".  Maybe put it in some of those ads they love.  Here's hoping.  Especially with the low metacritic it's currently got. 

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