Licensing rights weren't bidded on during THQ auction

#1 Posted by maskedarcstrike (792 posts) -

Even though we probably weren't gonna get a sequel anyways I thought this deserved its own thread. Both Stacking and Costume Quest were in lot 6 under licensed games and no one placed a bid on em.

Why didn't Schaefer buy the licensing rights? Is Double Fine really that broke. I could understand not putting money into Stacking but Costume Quest?

If they wanted to make another CQ could they just wait until the contract for licensing rights expires? Or would it all depend on the original contract with THQ.

#2 Posted by MildMolasses (3198 posts) -

@maskedarcstrike: Double Fine already owns those games. What THQ had was the right to publish the games, not the games themselves. Presumably they revert back to their owners now and DF work out new deals for someone to publish the games.

I would assume people wouldn't bid on lot 6 because there isn't much to gain off of simply being allowed to publish something, over actually owning the property. No ones is going to make a lot of money by rereleasing any of those games, so being on the hook for the whole lot probably isn't a great investment

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