My Costume Quest Robot Costume!

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Ever since I even saw the Costume Quest QL I knew I’d love it and it was nothing less than magical when I played it October of last year. This year I was faced with a few costume ideas and with some actual ability to prepare ahead of time, I knew I wanted to try making a Costume Quest costume in honor of the game and Double Fine in general. A weekend+ worth of work later and I’m extremely proud of what I made with generous help from my parents in some places. I dare say it’s the most complete rendition of the robot costume as a costume I’ve seen, although there have been some great renditions of other costumes over the years.

I think this one is my favorite.

Let me know what you think and Happy Halloween duders!

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That's actually really good, great job!

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Damn dude, that's really good work.

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@agnosticjesus said:

That's actually really good, great job!

@chaser324 said:

Damn dude, that's really good work.

@meepasaurus said:

Great work! You should try tweeting Tasha on twitter about it. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to see this.

Thanks all! I already sent out a blast of twitter mentions and a post on the Double Fine forums but I think my timing was a little late for reactions today. Oh well, that just means people will be seeing it on Halloween, which is perfect.

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Great job!

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looks great - i thought about making one briefly. i dont do well in box-ie costumes haha

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Wow that's cool man.

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@grissefar: Thanks!

I'm doing the thing where I post too many responses in my own thread but whatever, I love this thing!

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