Pick up this game!! On Sale on PSN with DLC

#1 Posted by coons84 (44 posts) -

I just picked up Costume Quest on PSN, right now it's on sale with DLC for $7.49 What an amazing game for the money. I enjoyed it from start to end. It's a perfect game for it's length, I played through it in 3 sittings. I'm just now doing the DLC but it's not a great story compared to the main game but it's more costume quest so how can you go wrong. People say that the combat is repetitive but I had a blast switching up costumes and using the different abilities "to obviously get the trophy" . Really for the length of the game the combat should not get on anyone's nerves it's perfect and simple.

#2 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2492 posts) -

It is very short and kinda repetitive, but it does have a hell of a lot of charm.

#3 Posted by Marcsman (3348 posts) -

My wife loved it. It was cute.

#4 Posted by D_Bones (366 posts) -

Picked it up. Was phenomenal. Also played it in about 3 sittings. I couldn't put it down. Also surprisingly funny.

#5 Posted by MormonWarrior (2714 posts) -

Done! It's pretty cool. Can you get more than just two characters at any point? I'm in the mall and still only have the two...

#6 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2492 posts) -
@MormonWarrior you'll get someone else fairly soon

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