S(adness) Rank

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Just S ranked the game on my first run through. and that kinda makes me sad. I loved LOVED  LOVED this game but now i have no reason to dive back in. anyone else feeling end game malaise? (well at least I have super meat boy to eff my ess up)

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I hav had similar feelings towards Plants vs. Zombies, which is made even worse because Giant Bomb is bugged for that game and will not give me my hard won S-rank!  For shame!  All the cons of the S-rank, but none of the pros!

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how long is it

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I don't care about achievements all that much so the S-Rank wasn't exactly much of a big deal, but the fact that it's not really a game I feel like I will ever play through again is kinda sad because I really really did love it. Was a really great experience and I was sad that it was over so soon, and I made sure to revisit every single area and get every card and do every quest before I finally had to just give in and fight the final boss and finish what was a very fun little game, I wanted to jump right back in but I knew there wouldn't be anything new for me to find so it kinda makes me lose my drive to play again. I can only hope we see more of Reynold and Wren next Halloween.

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...If you enjoyed it that much then that should be enough reason to play it again, just for personal enjoyment.

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@Menseguez said:
" ...If you enjoyed it that much then that should be enough reason to play it again, just for personal enjoyment. "
while that is true, its just like, how did I 100% everything so fast? but i guess Brutal legend was the same way...... quest completed, all of them... go outside.........
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I completed it 100% and S-Ranked on my first and only playthrough too. I also did it in one sitting, like Alex. I look at it on the dashboard and wish I could play more of it. It's not really that short. 5 or 6 hours it took, and it's also very well paced so I'm glad it doesnt have any filler but I want more of those gameplay systems and cute inventive ideas.

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You probably got at least five hours of pure joy out of this game on that first playthrough though... To me, the fact that I pretty much smiled non-stop for the six-or-so hours that it took me to 100% this game is worth what I paid for it and then some. I don't think this is a game that would've benefited from being longer as the mechanics are rather basic. There's enough depth to make the game not-tedious for a couple of hours and the cuteness, humor and charm make it a great experience, but more of the same would get old quickly. What I want more than anything is for Double FIne to make a lot of money off of this game so they can do more small projects like this.

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Five hours is pretty good.  I was grinding at the mall.  I'm glad there is a ton of content left for me.

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I wouldn't say that I wasn't happy with it, but not having a little something to bring me back, something to go 'oh I'm so soooooo doing that' and going back is what I'm missing. Now that I'm done its going on the digital shelf until god only knows. But hey more double fine downloadable on the way, I like that idea

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Never let the S-rank get you down bro, playing a game again. Set up days where you want to replay old games.

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I wrote a user review for this game and to be honest I was kind of wanting more as well.  I really feel like Double Fine put as much into the game as they possibly could.  I think they are actually hurting financially much more than that is known to the public.  Come on Brutal Legend was nowhere near a financial success.
THQ is the 4th publisher the company has dealt with now, right?  Majesco for Psychonauts, Activision dropped Brutal Legend which EA picked up and now THQ is publishing their download titles.
This company just needs to make some money.  Which I hope they do.

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Just because you've completed the game and did everything there is to do, doesn't mean the mechanics and atmosphere won't be fun when you revisit them in, say, a year or so?

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I've S ranked and is now watching the girlfriend play it. I will replay it again later too.

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@Helios1337 said:
" I've S ranked and is now watching the girlfriend play it. I will replay it again later too. "
I was considering getting my girlfriend to do this too, she's not huge on video games but i bet this will capture her heart (and she digs meat boy but will hand the controller back to me every so often with that one)
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I'm hoping that they can do Christmas and Easter versions of this... not sure if they would have to switch up the hook, with a little thought it could probably work. I'd love to play more in this incredible world they created :(

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