Similar Games of this style?

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I know there's this page: for my question. But there doesn't seem to be a whole lot. 
I'm looking for more games like Costume Quest in the sense of it being an RPG with turn-based battles that are pretty simple. I'm not looking for something overly complicated like Final Fantasy tactics. I am, however looking for something on XBLA or PC to play a turn-based RPG. I have been turned off by this genre, but Costume Quest made me enjoy it. I know the battles were simple, but if anyone knows of any games quite similar - I'd love to hear it.

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It's not a thread, just a link to the Similar Games page for Costume Quest. So as I felt it was incomplete, I was asking for other games NOT on that list.

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Have you considered Vandal Hearts: FOJ? It's not really in the same category as Costume Quest and the other similar games in regards to its humor, but it offers a fairly simple turn-based RPG experience that has an easy learning curve, but hard to master sorta-types. The Art-Style is cartoony, but the story is good. 1200MS points. There's a demo on XBL that incompasses the basic gameplay elements.

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I guess the closest thing would be those Penny Arcade games.

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