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Veger is a well-known character to the series for his slim features and hooked nose. He has a few bald spots on his head and appears to be in his late fifties or even early sixties. Veger is always wearing a suit with a cape to the back making him look of noble family. As an ottsel, his fur is brown and tan, unlike the orange and yellow combinations of the others. His white shirt and red ascot remain in place, but his coat is gone. He still looks like he's going bald, even though he's covered in fur, so technically he isn't.


He kidnapped Jak as a kid (prior to the events in Jak 2), and took him away from Damus's life. But Veger lost Jak to Kor and the Underground, meaning Veger would have a lot of knowledge about Jak's past. However, this is an inconsistency, as the Shadow in Jak II claimed to have found the young Jak wandering the streets alone. It is unclear whether this was a mistake on the part of Naughty Dog, or a subtle hint that all isn't as it seems. Or it may also be that Veger literally lost Jak, meaning that young Jak either ran away or that Veger didn't keep a close eye on him

Jak 3

Count Veger is seen at the very beginning banishing Jak to the Wasteland due to his own choice.  The Governor of Haven City, Ashelin protests at Veger for the choice but he's decided on his favorite choice for Jak, banish him. Pecker, Onin's interpreter and Daxter, Jak's sidekick aren't giving the option to be left for dead but go along as well. Ashelin saves Jak from Veger's sadistic way of leaving for death by giving him a beacon. When Veger returns to Haven with the governor he takes control of the remaining city, setting up signs of himself in the streets of New Haven and launches a suicide attack to the port claiming it only to have half of the Freedom League being cut off. Desperate, Veger activated a white shield barrier to prevent the Metal Heads from attacking from the ruins west to New Haven. He then started to look for a way to access the catacombs via the help of the Golden Order Precursor Monks. Veger is seen later with an acquaintance of Jak, Seem. Veger promises her if she stays true to her word she will "Meet [her] makers." Veger ambushes Jak in a port from the eco mines to Haven City with a large Precursor robot. Veger runs away and is seen later coming into the Freedom League HQ, he claims that his guide through the catacombs, unlike Jak's, is more clearer but gets defeated in a vote between him and Jak. Ashelin then officially dissolves the Grand Council and strips Veger off his title, command and all privileges. Veger has Damus killed in the ruins of Haven at the footsteps to the catacombs so he and Jak can talk. Veger tells him his past and leaves for the core of the earth in the catacombs. Veger then holds Jak and Daxter at gun-point in the core on the Precursor platform when Jak is given the gift of eternity and becoming a Precursor but Veger takes it from Jak and becomes an ottsel (which is what a Precursor is). Veger insults the three leading Precursors and gets blasted away. Veger is seen later at the ceremony of Earth's win from the Dark Makers, he starts to leave with the other Precursors but is nominated as Kleiver's sidekick. Kleiver goes on to compete in the Kras City races and, for an unknown reason, Veger does not appear alongside him in Jak X.

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