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Count Waltz probably one of the smallest rulers of a capital in all of gaming is the main antagonist in Eternal Sonata, Count Waltz is in fact a very evil person, He mines the essence of mineral powder which he then sells to the people of his land at a very low price lower then any type of powder out there, the powder then overtime turns the people into monsters letting them use magic and basically creating a large army which is able to conquer any kingdom, Count Waltz however is not the final boss in the game (Which is a odd thing because the end boss is in fact Frederic) Count Waltz dies before his plan could be complete.

You might not see it...but I'm a very evil, evil little boy

In Battle!

Count Waltz is an extreamly tough opponent and may take you some time to actually defeat him, Count Waltz dosen't do any normal attacks what so ever, he hits you with his most powerful attacks from the start and without any preperation can destroy you in the turns remaining that it takes for your group to eventually die off, the trick to beating Count Waltz is a fast finger to press the block (And if your lucky counter) his attacks allowing for the least amount of damage and if you counter hitting him for some damage, his moves are deadly and look mostly like dark attacks even if in light or not, best thing to do is hit him with a powerful harmony chain from either Jazz or Allegretto to widdle down his health until he dies.

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