Beta Keys @ PAX and EurogamerExpo

#1 Posted by Mu5hy (124 posts) -

CS:GO will be available to play at PAX for the xbox360, and at the EurogamerExpo on the ps3. Valve will be handing out PC Beta Keys to everyone who plays at these two shows - the beta is going to start sometime after Eurogamer (some say right after, in late september). Gabe Newell has said that cross-platform play is the goal, meaning Console vs PC players if Microsoft and Sony allow it.

If anyone here on GB is attending either PAX or the Eurogamer Expo, if you try out CS:GO and get a beta key you don't plan to use, I would love you forever if you passed it on to me.

#2 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4483 posts) -

I'm betting Sony will allow it considering Portal 2 and all.

Also, not looking forward to seeing half those keys end up on ebay or some shit.

#3 Posted by Matt (963 posts) -

Well I'm going to both these events so hopefully I should get at least one

#4 Posted by Mu5hy (124 posts) -

@Matt: Well lucky you, I hope you have fun on that plane ride, and that you get many many beta keys in order to spread happiness on the internet (to me, specifically).

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