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#1 Posted by MahesPharaohpeter (11 posts) -

Hey guys,

I LOVED CS since the good ol' 1.6 days and I'm SUPER hyped-up to play CS:GO. Does anyone have an extra beta key they can give to me?


Thanks :)

#2 Posted by MahesPharaohpeter (11 posts) -

Just PM me please!

#3 Posted by konig_kei (755 posts) -

Doesn't it come out like next month or sometime soon? Anyway, it's not good bro there's a reason so few people actually play it.

#4 Posted by Snail (8772 posts) -

I think this kind of thread may go against forum rules. The "begging for keys", "advertising own website" or other type of thread that promotes only the top poster in one way or another, as opposed to productive discussion.

@konig_kei: So anyway, the game sucks? What's all this? I don't like or play the first one, but it's got a kind of cult userbase. Isn't it possible that this sort of user is more adverse to change due to a rather obsessive attitude towards the game? Does this sound more likely than, you know, the guys at Valve actually having produced a downright bad game?

#5 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

Nothing will ever be exactly Counter-Strike, but I'd much rather play GO than Source given how it's very closely just an update to Source with some actually fun new modes and a handful of new, amazingly designed maps.

But I played Counter-Strike for yeeeears and I can barely stand going back to that level of graphics these days. I'm actually completely fine with the look and feel of GO.

#6 Posted by MB (14072 posts) -

Please don't ask/beg for stuff on the forums.


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