I hate Defence Grid, why are they developing CS:GO?

#1 Posted by Mcfart (1870 posts) -

Why did Valve hire an indie developer of a tower defense game to work on CS:GO? Seems like this will go the path of Condition Zero....

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probably, the similarities between the two games are quite noticable especially the fact that it is being developed by a third party studio.

That being said it's probably best to wait until the game comes out before having an over the top knee jerk reaction (which is all this particular piece of news seems to have invoked- nothing against you but there are several topics similar to this already and the news is pretty fresh)

#3 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

Just because you hate Defense Grid, doesn't mean it's a bad game (I love it, by the way).
Also, Valve has a big history of working with indie developers (the original CS was as indie as it gets and the original Portal was also developed by an indie team, just to name a couple of examples), so why make such a big fuss over this one in specific? I'm pretty sure that if Valve hired the guys behind Defense Grid, they must have a pretty damn good reason for it-- Valve isn't exactly known for hiring bad developers, now are they?

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Actually, if you've been playing Counter-Strike: Source lately, Hidden Path have been updating the game rather than Valve. So they have some experience. 

#5 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

Almost all of Valve's games are from indie developers who they scooped up and helped bring to a bigger audience with their MUNEYS AND POWERZ. I think this game will turn out fine.

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@TonicBH said:
Actually, if you've been playing Counter-Strike: Source lately, Hidden Path have been updating the game rather than Valve. So they have some experience. 
This. Hidden Path has been updating CS:S for quite some time.
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Hidden Path's work on updating CS:S started with CS:S's release on MAC, and incorporating Achievements - and they kind of broke the game for about a month while doing it. They did start doing some good work updating maps (de_Inferno had the buggy Yellow Generator removed), but that work mysteriously stopped a couple of months ago and they stopped responding on the steam forums.

They are consulting with ESEA during development - so that's a pretty good sign that they're reaching out to the competitive community.

I'm a bit curious to see how mod support is handled - hopefully Valve realizes that the reason Counter-Strike games still have over a 100,000 active players per day (more than TF2, despite it being free.) is because of things like Gun-Game, Zombie Mods, Deathrun, Jump maps, Hide and Seek and a hundred other mods that servers are running.

#8 Posted by Sitoxity (559 posts) -

@Mu5hy: They'd have a lot more if the servers weren't filled with those mods. I like Gun Game and some of the others now and then, but mostly I stopped playing because it's impossible to find proper vanilla servers that actually rotate maps and don't play on 24/7. TF2 used to be like that as well, but that's gotten a lot better.

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