Latest patch, what do you think, & my videos on the subject

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So the new patch came out last night, with it a bunch of new maps for the arsenal demolition mode, namely bank, safehouse, sugarcane & short train.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of safehouse, as it seems pretty heavily weighted towards CT, and I don't like Train in regular demolition so short train does nothing for me.

Also, was wondering what people thought about the beta so far in general, I've always been a CSS guy, so would love to know what 1.6 fans might think of the changes. Personally, I find CS_Office to seem a little empty with 5v5 in it's current format, but the new take (& officially supported) gun game is pretty fun, albeit potentially chaotic if you throw in more than 10 players.

Aaaand lastly, some thinly-veiled self promotion, my videos on bank & safehouse for those who may not have been so lucky to get into the beta! Thanks!

Edit: Aaaand here's DE_Shorttrain, as the name implies, it's DE_Train, but short!

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In your videos it looks like you're being randomly assigned guns each round, is that just part of the beta to make sure every gun gets tested? Also I used to play a lot of 1.5 back in the day and I don't see how this game can live up to it's former glory.

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@Nick: It's the game mode, you are assigned different weapons based on your kill count. The more kills you have the harder weapons you get: e.g you wind up with pistols.

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@Nick: Yeah, this game mode's kindof a mix of bomb defusal and gun game, has the exact same weapon rotation as the now officially supported gun game (called arms race.) But to your point, from what I've seen and heard, most 1.6 players don't seem that keen on GO since the weapon spread's a lot closer to Source than it is classic. Valve have taken on a ridiculous task trying to appease both audiences.

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Well to be fair, on my part that was mostly nostalgia talking. I played a fair bit of Source too so I'll definitely give this a shot.

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I am liking the Beta at this stage, I played it a couple of months ago on a friends account and there were only a few weapons and Dust. CS:GO beta showed up on my steam list yesterday and I have been playing a decent ammount of it. Getting 250-299 FPS @2560x1600 everything maxed 8xAA 16xAF

Been playing counter strike since launching it from Half Life. It's a big part of my gaming life and I have been a regular for 12 years now. Having a lot of fun with the gun game demolition mode, and think the new maps are great.

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