Where's my de_rats and scoutzknivez?

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I just bought CS:GO, brought back a lot of memories even though I sucked and it seemed to hitch up a bit. But when I looked at the server list it was all de_dust, de_dust2. Which is to be expected. There were some other odd maps, but none of what my friends and I remember as the "classics".

scoutzknivez on low grav and de_rats along with other weird, sometimes dumb maps like the map with snow that was just a box, those were always our go to maps.

Since the game is technically in beta, do you guys think the older nostalgic maps might start showing up once the game is out. Yeah, I played a bunch on aztec and inferno, but those weird maps were always where we played.

I never played source. I'm hoping those maps and others made it from 1.6 to source and then on to GO if possible.

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Dumb map that's just a box and snow? fy_iceworld? I played a lot on that one. I'm sure someone will make them soon enough. Is the editor out, or does it use hammer?

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I'll only buy if as_crazytank and the rest of the crazytank series gets ported complete with the wonky GoldSource vehicle physics.

Would seriously like to see Valve show as_oilrig and as_tundra some love, but doesn't seem like VIP has been a thing for CounterStrike since the original.

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@Xymox said:

Dumb map that's just a box and snow? fy_iceworld? I played a lot on that one. I'm sure someone will make them soon enough. Is the editor out, or does it use hammer?

Fuck yeah iceworld!

I saw a few maps people posted on youtube and such so far that resemble rats or levelord maps, but not the same. Anyone else got any nostalgic maps from CS 1.6?

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screw all of that. it's all about big_city2. the best map because you could drive vehicles that were horrible and glitchy. one wrong move and you got embedded into the geometry of a vehicle and died

@AndrewB: VIP maps are cool as hell i wouldn't bet on seein' em return. they never were popular, or at least when i played

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Just keep cs_assault in the game and voila.

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The game is still in beta. Those will probably be in the game by the end of the week post release. Those maps weren't official so I'm not sure why Valve would put them in the game...

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I played an absolutely inordinate amount of scoutzknivez on CS:S and haven't been able to find any on CS:GO yet, but I;m sure it'll only be a matter of time.

I know they got rid of the ability to fastswitch to knife and back with sniper rifles for shorter times between shots, and it also seems you are unable to bunnyhop anymore so not sure if Scoutzknivez will actually even work. Here's hoping!

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All I need is cs_assault.

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@Byron_Orpheus: I've also noticed that bunnyhopping and 'strafe jumping' don't seem to work in GO. I really hope they're still there, the future of surf_maps depends on it.

And @MrOldboy: I've already seen a few iceworld recreations. Here are a couple IPs for GO gungame servers that alternate to iceworld-esque maps:

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@MikkaQ said:

All I need is cs_assault.

im not gonna buy CS:GO but this would at the top of my list.

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Rats is one of my all time favourite maps. There were almost no servers playing it in Source either.

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Yeah, I'm with you. Haven't bought CS: GO, might wait a bit since I'm hoping for stuff like this to show up. I'm assuming it will eventually.

scoutzknivez with low gravity is definitely one of my most played maps ever in Counter-Strike.

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AWP and especially Scout quick-switch mechanics felt a little off for me in this game. Maybe I'm just rusty.

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@MikkaQ said:

All I need is cs_assault.

And vent shafts!
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scoutzknivez was the only map where I could consistently dominate so it was naturally a favourite. I hope it makes a comeback. Sad to hear that the knife switching thing doesn't work though.

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