Your thoughts on the CS:GO Beta?

#1 Posted by Deusx (1938 posts) -

I got a beta key a week ago and I've already spent like 10 hours playing the game. I think it's pretty awesome. It's obviously the same CS we've known to love (and sometimes hate) with some new weapons, and enough graphical detail and personality to make it feel fresh and new. I was a huge 1.6 player a couple of years ago and I feel like home playing this new Counter Strike so yeah, what are your thoughts? Do you have a beta key? Are you having fun? Have you tried the new weapons? The new demolition mode?

Right now I'm having a lot of fun with the new shotgun. It's a little OP but that's apparently going to get fixed in the coming weeks. Valve are doing a great job with the player feedback and it shows. The pro players have been complaining about some issues like the amount of debris from shooting walls, FOG, hit boxes, and jumping mechanics. It's pretty interesting how intense the feedback from the competitive circle has been. What valve has to do now is decide what is worth doing to make this a competitive worthy game and fun enough for those who just want a good intense and hard as nails action shooter.

Also, the community playing right now is pretty awesome. Players are having fun, talking about the game, and exchanging some nice feedback. I'm quite pleased with how Valve has managed the Beta up to this moment. Can't wait to see what changes with new updates.

If you want to apply to the Beta just go here and click on the steam survey.

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Office was added yesterday to the maps list. It looks great, my only complain is that the glass shattering effect is too complex and makes it REALLY hard to see enemies behind it. Something wich wasn't a problem with previous CS games. Maybe it adds another layer of strategy to the map but it just feels weird.

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I find that I'm enjoying it a lot more since they started adding more weapons to the mix. Last year, it was nothing but awp and deag. I don't use either of those weapons...

I'm still adjusting to the weapons again. I've been playing CS since 1.5, I've never been amazing at it, but I do well enough to hold my own. However, I feel like I'm having to learn how to shoot all the guns again. Granted, its a nice change of pace compared to other popular shooter franchises out there. Gotta say though, I pretty much love all the shotguns in GO. They feel great and are so satisfying to get a kill with.

I'm not too fond of Arsenal;Demolition mode. Its not the GunGame I loved.

Of the maps available so far, I'm enjoying playing cs_italy the most. Quite frankly, I'm sick of dust, dust2, and office. I haven't seen the new cs_office yet though. Maybe that will change my opinion on it.

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@ESREVER: The shotguns in this game feel so fucking boss. I try to mix my loadout between a random shotgun (the new sawed barrel is pretty good) and the ol' AK or M4 rifles.

I know what you mean though, it's like trying to learn the weapons again but that's why I like it. It's the old CS but it feels different and new. Also, I feel the same way about Demolition mode. It's not what you like about CS but I bet it will attract a lot of people who aren't very good yet for the more serious team strategy based maps like dust2, and inferno.

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I really need to get my Beta key into the system so I can start playing, thanks for reminding me!

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I've been playing a lot since the Friday update, and I have to say I'm excited to play this game once all the features around it are completed. As it is now the core game play is great but I'd love to have party systems for joining games, or the ability to do "ranked" competitive mode games where games don't start until there are no bots and records are tracked.

#7 Posted by blueduck (964 posts) -

The game is pretty fun.

#8 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

I really wish Valve would send me a beta key. I took that darn survey the day it went up. For as long as I've been a steam member and as many games I've bought on the store I would think they'd show me a little more love.

#9 Posted by Mikemcn (7407 posts) -

I want in, seems neat, and i like CSS.

#10 Posted by llamaegg (232 posts) -

Sadly I still haven't gotten access to the beta, even with doing the survey Day 1 and playing more hours of CS1.6 and Source then I would honestly like to admit. Hopefully they'll send one this way soon!

#11 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Im finding it really fun but it feel like im float. Almost like im sliding on ice.

#12 Posted by InfectedPhreak (9 posts) -

I wish I could get into the beta, I really want to play. @_@ I love CS1.6, and this is supposed to feel like 1.6 but look like CSS. Been interested in it since I heard about it. :]

#13 Posted by Pobearo (119 posts) -

@scarace360: You would hate tribes then

#14 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

@Pobearo said:

@scarace360: You would hate tribes then

I love tribes just dont want that in my CS.

#15 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

Its ok. i mean it's Counter Strike. The only thing im really enjoying is Arms race or what ever its called.

#16 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (779 posts) -

CS was never my life, but I'd lose a few hours to it from time to time. Was super stoked to get a beta code this past weekend. I'm really liking the addition of Arms Race. Seems like a cool way to give people a sort of team deathmatch experience while familiarizing them with the weapons. I have zero interest in being super-pro at the game, but there's something satisfying in feeling yourself slowly get better at a game like this. It's someting I don't typically experience in a lot of other shooters.

#17 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2162 posts) -

For me personally the best part of CS GO to me is the music. The game itself is great so can't wait for the release.

#18 Posted by Demoskinos (16201 posts) -

I want a beta key. :[

#19 Posted by believer258 (12697 posts) -

My computer isn't going to run it. It's coming out for consoles too, so maybe.

Let me ask one simple question: Does this feel like CSS with better graphics (which I can run and do play), or does it feel like a full-on new Counter Strike game, with some older maps thrown in for good measure? I like CSS and I'd like to play it on my Xbox 360, but there are plenty of other things that cost fifteen dollars that are brand new. What does this one do that makes it worth the money when I've already got CS Source?

#20 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (779 posts) -

@believer258: Mechanically, it still feels a lot like CSS, but I don't know that anyone involved really has a vested interest in making it not feel like CSS. The addition of new game modes is pretty welcome. The graphical update is nice. I know some folks have complained about smaller maps, but I'm actually enjoying the flow of the maps.

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First impressions (couple of rounds played):

Can't spray, can't flashlight, no mp5, can't buy kevlar+helmet for some in-explicit reason, the radio menu is messed up (everything is bound the wrong way). There's the nice addition of a friend lobby, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired as you're still not guarantied to end up on the same team as your friend - so what's the point in having the lobby? Also no way to know who your friend is in-game, still have to hover over everyone to find out. I personally feel the in-game menus need A LOT of work before release. Gameplay wise, It feels like CSS:2. The price is great currently, it's around ~$14 which fits what you're getting.

Also, the contrast between map textures and characters isn't great, but that could be because I'm not used to it.

#22 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -
@Xymox We're you playing casual? I think it armour comes as standard, you only have to buy it in competitive.

Also, the MP7 is basically the MP5, for what that is worth.

Lack of flashlight and silencers bummed me out though.
#23 Posted by Xymox (2145 posts) -

@Tim_the_Corsair said:

@Xymox We're you playing casual? I think it armour comes as standard, you only have to buy it in competitive. Also, the MP7 is basically the MP5, for what that is worth. Lack of flashlight and silencers bummed me out though.

I don't... think so? I wasn't the lobby leader so I don't know.

That's true, and there's a ton of different guns. I wonder how many of them are actually viable though, there's usually been ~5 ish that have been worth buying in the CS series. But I need to get more rounds in to really get a feel for that stuff.

And yeah, now that you mention it, the lack of silencer is kind of a bummer.

#24 Posted by IroN1c (616 posts) -

There is definitely Kevlar + Helmet, unless you're playing Casual Mode.

#25 Posted by Fattony12000 (7927 posts) -


#26 Posted by Xymox (2145 posts) -

@IroN1c said:

There is definitely Kevlar + Helmet, unless you're playing Casual Mode.

Yeah, it must've been on casual, I was able to buy it just fine now.

I did however notice that they seem to have not licensed the italy music. So that map is unplayable until modders fix the radio. :P

Having fun with the game so far... But it feels like something they could've pretty much released as an update for CSS - nothing all too crazy, at least in my opinion. I currently feel it's worth the asking price though.

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Still not sprays. Whats up with that!

#28 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -
@Fattony12000 said:


Don't forget the de_inferno balcony!
#29 Posted by bunnymud (765 posts) -

I love it

Old old old school player (Stopped well before all the plug-in crap) and this game feels like home

#30 Posted by ch3burashka (5501 posts) -

Anyone know how to obtain a beta key, or is that a fool's errand now?

#31 Posted by Xymox (2145 posts) -

So I've had some decent hands-on time with the game now. I'd be interested in hearing what old css and 1.6-ish competitive players feel about it. I played 1.3 competitive for a while, and I never got that kind of "feel" out of CSS, it was just out of the question for me. This game feels less ... I dunno. Hard to pinpoint what it is exactly, but it feels like CSGO is a game you could become very good at. Does that make sense?


Anyone know how to obtain a beta key, or is that a fool's errand now?

Right now, I think everyone who buys it gets to play the beta - that's how I got in.

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