Desktop Grenade

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The CS:GO Quicklook reminded me of my short time playing CS:Source, during that time I learnt whenever I was stunned, instead of seeing a white-screen i'd see a highly contrasted image of my desktop, noticeable due to my desktop icons. My question is does this still happen with GO and was this a problem with the game or was this phenomena due to my setup; did it happen to any else?

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Your set up. Something was strange in your computer cause that should not happen at all...and its a very odd bug not even sure how it could happen! LoL Better then a white screen at lest. :D

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Years of on-off playing of 1.6, Source, and now GO I can honestly say I've never seen nor heard of that happening. I believe you should hire an exorcist, as your computer might be haunted.

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So wait- when flashbanged, you saw your desktop and then it slowly faded back to the game like the white screen would?


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It was probably because you used an old CRT (?) or plasma computer screen. If an image is left on too long, you are able to see the image faintly, usually only when the screen is completely black or completely white because that's when it is most noticable. I doubt it had anything to do with the software side of things.

Although you do say "highly contrasted", which is odd.

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That's kinda cool sounding, I've never heard of this happening. Did the game fade back in or did it just instantly appear back?

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@believer258: @Mordi:

Yeah it just faded back in.


It was graphical, as the icons changed. Also, I was using an LCD at that point.

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