Giant Bomb CSS Players?

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I played it for a while, but never got hugely into it. I never played it a tonne online, I always felt really inferior and like one of the worst players because I was inexperienced, and the community never seemed too welcoming. I was probably just playing on the wrong servers though. I was fairly new to online gaming in general when I played it, so I probably made some bad server choices.
I did have a tonne of great LAN matches with a few of my mates against bots though. They were great fun.

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Yeah, for a little while. I was younger then and thought I sucked. It turned out I did suck, but those guys who play it religiously are also crazy good. I have not touched the game in at least a year unfortunately.

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Played competitively for seasons 1-3 of CAL and tried getting back into a few seasons ago and couldn't. I just pub now usually for like 30 minutes a day once i get home from work while I wait for dinner.

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yeah i use to play it but then i got bored with it and stop.

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I played from beta on until source which I stopped earlier this year. Made it to cevo-main and a brief stint in cal invite.  
Trying to focus more on writing and other video-game coverage now, and I just can't dedicate the nearly 30-40 hours I used to spend playing counter-strike.

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Every now and then I do. I have to use my brother's steam account though.

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I only play gungame on a french server. Gungame is fun and the fact that they are french lets me ignore the elitism you get on most servers.

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I play quite often. Ive always like CS mainly because I can quickly get in and play a few rounds, get out, and have fun.
I did play a season of CAL but it seriously is not fun at all D:

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css is a joke. If you're going to play counterstrike, play 1.6.

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got it, its damn boring... but if we wanna play together i'll give it a shot

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I've played CS, but only at my friend's house.  A group of them convinced me to buy it, so if anyone wants to play sometime add me on steam (Br3adfan).  I'm picking it up tomorrow

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I was REALLY into that game for like a year, I only play now when my friends want me to join.

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Used to play CSS and CS 1.6 in CAL I.

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yes, i play counter strike source. i was just playing it, i play it regularly but i suck at it.

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1.6> source

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Yeah I play CS quite a bit

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yeah i play css 

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Well this is an old thread.
I play CSS but very rarely. Primarily because no one else is playing it.

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Yes, I play the counter-strike source 
with a Magic Mouse

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Yeah. I've been playing since 1.1 so I'm around, but I'm usually on European servers. If you fancy a game though, feel free to hit me up. I'm usually around.

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Yep, Its alot of fun, but i don't play it all the time. 
@miningguyx360 said:

" Yes, I play the counter-strike source  with a Magic Mouse "
Im so sorry.
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I play it very often, although I wouldn't say that I'm not bad at it, which is probably the only reason why I enjoy it.
There is a brief period, about 2 months for me, where it was literally a grind for me to play it. Then eventually, it turned and I actually started getting kills, and then it moved from there. It's something you have to get used to, a time commitment.
I think I had a little too much time on my hands when I bought it.

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yeah i play cs not much gd but i play

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Wow, CSS really isn't popular at GB. I have played CS 1.5 and 1.6 a lot back in the day and bought CSS when it became available for Mac.

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I would like a TNT with whiskey media

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I've been playing counter strike for the past 10 years, still my favorite online game. 

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@Br3adfan: CS tomorrow at like 6pm?

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@TheCableKid said:

@Br3adfan: CS tomorrow at like 6pm?

2 year old thread.

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played source from season 1-5? we went 15-1 in main and swept playoffs to invite. did a lan tourny n quit
played cs since beta 5.2 
waiting for cs go, lucky enough im building a pc just for bf3 so i will be onboard for cs go.

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Yup, I play. Technically been playing since 1.0, but I took a massive break from the game about a year and a half after source came out. I've gotten back into it though and I'm really enjoying the new weapon rebalancing they've done.

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