I like Source over Global Offensive?

#1 Posted by moywar700 (198 posts) -

I don't really like Global Offensive.

When I walked into my friend playing it, I thought he was playing Battlefield.

I know some people who like 1.6 much better than Source.

Anybody like Source over GO?

#2 Posted by envane (1191 posts) -

you should watch where your going

#3 Posted by huntad (2191 posts) -

I lost a lot of interest when Source split the community. I tried to get into CS:GO, but I just can't. I think I'm done with Counter-Strike.

To answer your question: Kinda, but I didn't really like Source a whole lot either.

#4 Edited by Zomgfruitbunnies (1082 posts) -

I never played much Source because the hitboxes felt so strange compared to 1.6 (I heard this was eventually "fixed?"). After discovering TF2, I never looked back.

#5 Posted by Deusx (1942 posts) -

You're crazy.

#6 Posted by phrosnite (3513 posts) -

All people wanted was 1.6 with better graphics. Didn't they learn anything with that pile of donkey shit called Source? I guess not.

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