Anyone remember CS_Miami from CS on xbox?

#1 Posted by mattjam3000 (493 posts) -

So this crosses my mind rather often when I play CSS, why the hell has no one ported CS_Miami from the origional Xbox to css or 1.6. I always search to see if servers are playing it but never find it! It was a fantastic map and I would love to play it! Does anyone know if it has been ported to PC with a different ID? Anyone who played a fair amount of CS on xbox back in the day will surely remember this map, it was the map where the Counters spawn outside a bank, and the T's inside.

Cheers for the help!

#2 Posted by Forcen (2134 posts) -
#3 Posted by mattjam3000 (493 posts) -

Oh tastey, so it has been ported but no servers seem to have adopted it. Bugger

#4 Posted by gunstar (264 posts) -

I actually played the xbox version a lot. I remember this map. It's the only one anyone wanted to play because of easy frags in the beginning.

#5 Posted by Creamypies (4166 posts) -

This was a great map!

#6 Posted by BombKareshi (1042 posts) -

I cannot read the title of this thread without thinking of CSI Miami.

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