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Crackdown Kicks it Old School

Over the past decade video games have become increasingly story driven. Not so with Crackdown. And I'm alright with that. There was no need to squeeze more of the half-baked "future-super" cop story in. Like many of the Great games of the 70's, 80's and early 90's, this game is mindless fun that doesn't feel the need to overly explain itself. You are a "future-super" cop... Now go beat the hell out of fools, kick cars, jump across skyrise rooftops and blow stuff up real good. Another point in the favor of Crackdown is its interesting visual style. Not quite cell shaded but fully polygonal. Oh and did I mention stuff blows up real good? In the end Crackdown is like fastfood, bad for you, but a quick fix and you keep coming back for more.


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