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The Vertical element has added a whole new dimension!

What was GIANT

Jumping & Climbing > Never been so fun to climb up all these buildings and then jump around! Really innovative and fun to do, pretty much the main reason to buy this game. This opens a whole new dimension to open world games, it's going to be hard playing another GTA or Saints Row without looking up for every roof and hearing those orb sounds!

Gameplay > Very easy to control, job well done! Good variety of weapons and all are easy to use.

Agency Cars > Really cool how cars morph based on your skill, would've been nice if it happened to all Vehicles.

Achievements > Achievements are pretty well balanced. I don't really like the 500 orbs and 300 hidden orbs ones too much, it's painful to do but overall not bad.

RPG Elements > Definetely a plus, wish it had more depth and more options and character customization.

Audio > Good soundtrack and menu song is really cool. Still not as good as GTA Vice City though. The orb sounds are well designed and the sound you hear at the top of high rise buildings is very realistic, adds so much to the game.

What BOMBed

Story > Non-existent. I understand you want to make a very open world but that doesn't mean there can't be a decent story, it doesn't have to be 100% linear either. It would've added so much to the game.

No Multiplayer > Co-op is fun but this game has so much multiplayer potential, too bad.

Minor Glitches > The framerate drops sometimes especially when restarting a Timed level. The rumble feature hangs after you just finish a mission which just ended with an explosion.

Presentation > The graphics is average for a game coming a year after the 360 release.

Mini-Map > The mini-map isn't really helpful. Saints Row with their innovative waypoint feature really does a much better job than Crackdown or GTA.

Vehicle Variety > Cars only, some bikes/boats/helicopter/planes would help!

Value > After getting most of the achievements, there's really no reason to go back and play the game again.
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