vampire_turtle's Crackdown (Xbox 360) review

Crackdown is fun.. for a while.

Crackdown is a lot of fun but where there are good parts..., sadly there are bad parts.

Story: I seem to vaguely get the story, you are a new protoype genetically modified cop. And somehow 3 gang have managed to take over whole islands from the law enforcement. And you have to take 'em back. Even though I vaguley understand the story, it still isn't enough to keep me intrigued. Story 3/10

Graphics: An interesting graphics engine, almost cartoony in a way. Which sets the mood a little more, as you seem to come to expect chaos in cartoons. So I think this different look at graphics is good in this case. Explosions look good and generally everything looks good. 8/10

Sound: Nothing really stood out. But everything sounds what you'ld expect it to sound like. No Score

Replay Value: If you haven't maxed out all your skills, then it has some re-play value, but if you don't know anyone with the game it becomes very boring. And there is no point in trying to find all the hidden/agility orbs as that just becomes a pain in the ass. Also street racing is boring. So there isn't much re-play value. 5/10

Creativity: It reminds me too much of GTA *spits* except you are law enforcement. The weapons aren't to creative either, except the harpoon gun.
However some of the achievements are fairly creatice. 4/10

Music: Don't Like R 'N' B or Rap? Then Stay Away From the jukebox. 0/10

Overall Crackdown isn't too great, but it's good fun if you know someone with Xbox LIVE and athe game.


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