systech's Crackdown (Xbox 360) review

Oh The Cars You Will Throw

You know that game that came with the Halo 3 Beta, right? That game would be Crackdown. This is not a GTA clone. This is not a gimmick (okay, maybe it is) and it is not a bad game. Not bad at all. Now where should I start? Oh yes, the storyline... yeah there isn't much of that. Basically, you are a cop on mega-steroids and you need to kill the gangstaz. To wipe out the gangstaz from their homes, you must kill 7 bosses of each gang (there are 3 gangs) which makes 21 bosses in all. That may seem like a lot, but you can pin them down fast.

When you start the game, your character will be pretty wimpy looking. There's a cure for that. You will have skills in Agility, Driving, Explosives, Strength and Firearms that want to be leveled. To level your agility, there are "agility orbs" on buildings, billboards and even a clown, if you want to level strength, kick people (not pedestrians, as much as you want to, try not to kill them) to level firearms, shoot gangstaz, for driving, run over gangstaz, and for explosives, blow up gangstaz.There are 4 stages of each skill and when you level a skill, you might notice a subtle difference in your character's appearance. You will get addicted to leveling up.

I literally spent 14 straight hours on a Saturday night without sleep with my friend doing co-op. It was so much fun finding ways to screw around with pedestrians and launching yourself over jumps with the SUV, and the highlight of the night: Jumping off the Agency Tower. Everything just seems to be better when you have a buddy to back you up with the bosses. The game is awesome but short. I'm just waiting for some Crackdown 2.


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