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A great idea spreaded far too thin

Crackdown has potential. But Crackdown has alot more potential then it does content. After beating Crackdown you will realize Crackdown is a great idea spreaded far too thin.

In Crackdown you are basically a cop on steroids, with the ability to eventually jump 30+ feet in the air, run at a speed of about 60 miles per hour, and throw cars in the air. But before you can do all those things, you have to collect a number of agility orbs, of which there are a total of 500. But sadly, all 500 orbs aren't particularly hard to find, so you should probably be able to find every orb in a sit down or two after you've beaten the game.

But that won't take very long either, if you rush, you can probably beat Crackdown's main story in about six hours. Even if you spend alot of time collecting agility orbs, you will still beat the game's main story in about ten hours. There are only 21 gang bosses to kill in the whole game, and while some will take a while to beat, most of them can be beaten in about five or ten minutes if you're good.

The shortness of Crackdown is forgiven, though, for the gameplay of Crackdown is hectic, crazy fun. The game gives you a lock-on feature as well, so you won't have to aim much while all of the on-screen madness is going on. The game has a number of weapons, which can be unlocked by bringing them to your supply points. The weapons are varied and satisfying to shoot, with rocket launchers, shotguns, pistols.So during the short time you play Crackdown, it is assured you will not get bored with the weapons.

The game also has online co-op, which is brought down by the fact that only a few players can play with you at the same time. But even with that, the stunt jumps you can collect, the hidden orbs you can collect, the stats you can upgrade on your character, and the many foot and car races the game has to offer, Crackdown is still a short game. Which is kind of sad considering how fun the game is while it lasts.

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Posted by Emandudeguyperson

LOL I just realized that I said "Crackdown" way too many times.

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