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Craftimals: Build To The Sun is a game in which the goal is to build blocks upward then, to jump on those blocks to get higher. You have a limited supply of blocks so, when you run out you have to go to the ground and get more, the goal is to touch the sun. As you get higher you reach checkpoints of which there are 20 in the game, each checkpoint gives you an award. The awards available are...

  • Extra block colors
  • Hats to customize your character with
  • Extra block capacity
  • Towards the end a double jump
  • Towards the end the ability to build blocks twice as far
The start to a very long road.

After you touch the sun you turn into a ghost and can float around and go through blocks, it is easiest to craft trees and create a little world after you become a ghost.


These are the games many hats to customize your character with:

The general hat
The fancy hat
The sun hat
The nurse hat
The pirate hat
The tribal headdress
The pajama cap
The purple cowboy hat

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